Sultry Artistry by Fermin Spanish Guitar

St Augustine Spanish guitarist

Something Extraordinary

St Augustine Spanish guitarist
Fermin Spanish Guitar

Sultry Spanish guitar music greeted us as were seated at Amici Italian Restaurant in the early part of summer. The music was different and unexpected. It was so memorable that when I was thinking about what to blog about next – that is what immediately came to mind. I’m not a musician, but I do recognize quality when I hear it and Fermin Spanish Guitar is quality. The uniqueness of the music and the specialized talent of the musician, Dennis Fermin is extraordinary.

Deeper Detail of the Music of Fermin Spanish Guitar (FSG)

Described by the guitarist as “Passion and Romance from Spain to the Caribbean Islands” the style of Fermin Spanish Guitar is a combination of Nuevo Flamenco sound with a Romantic Latin feel. It was in 2008 that Dennis began performing soft Romantic Latin song covers as a soloist just to earn some extra income, but soon after, decided to write original songs and Fermin Spanish Guitar was born. Something wonderful is next I’m sure of it!

Listen and Enjoy Fermin Spanish Guitar!

Visit Fermin Spanish Guitar to hear the title track and pre-order the new CD “Ancient Mysteries,” as well as keep up with where FSG will be performing live in St. Augustine. Make sure you sign up for the Newsletter to stay informed about upcoming showcase performances in St. Augustine in the next couple of months featuring Flamenco, Belly dancing, and more!

Thanks to Candid Capture Photography for the great picture!

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