Retail / Wholesale Marketing

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linnworks-integrExpand your market – Increase Sales Confidently
Imagine business is booming and expansion into other online channels is allowing you to sell all over the world. As more sales come in though, it becomes harder to organize your orders, inventory, shipments and time. This leads to problems on your selling channels, such as eBay and Amazon. With Multi-Channel automation, business expansion is made simple and efficient, linking all your ecommerce platforms into one powerful inventory-centric application.

No more overselling – Stock sync everywhere from the Cloud
Stock shortages and overselling across multiple channels can be stressful, worrying and time consuming. Linking your channels together using Multi Channel software allows you to coordinate your inventory across all your sales platforms. This means when a product sells on one channel, all of your other channels will be updated to show the change in available stock level.
Communicate between selling channels and couriers
Wish there was a way to connect your eBay, Amazon and website orders to your shipping couriers? There is just such a solution for you. With Multichannel automation, we integrate not just with your selling platforms, but we also link directly to popular shipping couriers. This allows you to automatically print your shipping labels with minimal work. The system allows you to design/edit your shipping labels and include them on invoices that use integrated label paper.