Davis Shores in St Augustine

Davis Shores: A Unique Community

St. Augustine is full of history, beautiful sites and tons of things to do. It would be easy to miss an interesting story about one of the many unique neighborhoods among the greater St. Augustine community. To many tourists and locals the area just across the Bridge of Lions from downtown St. Augustine is just a place to grab something to eat – if we stop at all – while on our way to the Lighthouse, the beach, the amphitheatre or wherever else we happen to be heading at the moment. One thing I love the most about being a relatively new resident is that I get to discover new things about this place all the time. These stories or local folklore are always a source of amazement to me.

The story of Davis Shores seems especially relevant today considering that it was founded on big dreams and plans during a Florida real estate boom that began to falter as the plan was put into motion. Sounds much like the last few years as Florida has been battered by the current “housing crisis.” How many big plans have faltered and failed in the last few years? However, Davis Shores has become a vibrant community although not exactly what the founding business man had in mind in the beginning of the development. The variety of architectural styles and the long time frames during the building phase of Davis Shores is astonishing.

The History of Davis Shores

Davis Shores Subdivision began in 1925 and included complex luxury plans that included a yacht club, a luxury hotel and two 18-hole golf courses. Two unrelated events stopped the plans; one was the Florida real estate bust that began around that time and the other was the death of the founder – D.P. Davis in 1926. The only buildings created were a sales office, several apartment complexes and six homes. Since that time the area has grown up and become an attractive and popular community, although without the ambitious plans that was once the vision of a man with big dreams.

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