Courageous Movie Review (No Spoilers)

Courageous Movie Overview

I expected a lot from the Sherwood Pictures people and I wasn’t disappointed. The story is captivating, touching, and at times heart wrenching with some added comedic touches to add to the emotional roller-coaster of a story. The humorous scenes interwoven into the story adds to the ability to relate to the characters. I highly recommend the movie and you shouldn’t be overly concerned about the PG-13 rating – the evening news has more violence in 15 minutes than this movie does. The portrayal of violence in the movie is necessary for the story and for understanding the gravity of the situation we face in this country. It is not gratuitous.

The cultural importance of the Courageous movie

Courageous is a must see especially for fathers. The movie is well made and packed with excitement; but the message is the focus, as it should be. The role of fathers in a family and beyond the family into the community can’t be understated. This message will impact our families and communities if it is taken seriously and implemented by men. The Resolution, included below, is key to understanding the movie’s message.

Courageous Resources

Are you ready to stand up and say, “I will”? Resources for study are available at Courageous Resources."The Resolution" from Courageous Movie

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