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St. Augustine is home to some of the most stunning displays of nature, unique history and diverse cultural pursuits. The people of Florida include life-long residents to newly settled people from around the world. There’s much to love about living on the coast of Florida.

“If I could have, to hold forever, one brief place and time of beauty, I think I might choose the night on that high lonely bank above the St. Johns River.”—Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in Cross Creek

Historic St Augustine

St. Augustine has a well-known deep and rich history. The Spanish influence is very present today in part because it was preserved and enriched during the late 1800s. The construction of stunningly beautiful hotels for wealthy tourists have been integrated into the fabic of modern St Augustine by re-using the buildings as a college and city offices. The fort; Castillo de San Marcos is preserved as a historic landmark by the National Park Service. St Augustine is like no other small coastal city in America. Tourism is still a large industry, but it’s the residents that have a deep love and appreciation for this coastal beauty.

St Augustine Beach

St. Augustine area beaches have a lure to them – like a sirens song.  Fluffy white clouds entice daydreamers to linger a bit longer on the sugary white sand while the gulls dodge the surf and beach dwellers stroll along the shore collecting or observing. The lighthouse sits majestically on Anatasia Island as a beacon of safety even in this day.

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Beach to River is dedicated to providing fresh and original information for residents of the coastal area of Florida that stretches from the St. Johns River to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Our main focus is on beautiful and historic St. Augustine and the surrounding beaches. Beach to River strives to provide resources for residents to engage in the events of St. Augustine and build a deeper sense of community in the area we call home. We invite our readers to comment and ask questions so we can better serve you and the community in which we live.

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